Seventeen EMEA Nations Still Have Negative 2Y Sovereign Yields (Venezuela Leads World With 30.97% 2Y Sovereign Yield)

Seventeen EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) nations still have negative nominal 2 year sovereign yields.

The EU powerhouses, Germany and France, seem incapable of generating inflation (defined here as CPI YoY). And their GDP YoY is pretty bad too (1.10% for France and 1.70% for Germany. At least they are better than Italy with less than 1% YoY.

On the opposite extreme, that poster child of “government gone wild!,” Venezuela, has a 2 year sovereign yield of 30,97% with fellow Socialist nation Argentina at a whopping 18.8%. Brazil is close to the 10% yield barrier at 9.55% for their 2 year sovereign yield.

While Maduro & Company are terrible at economic management, they have been incredibly successful at one thing: inflation! Particularly the black market for their currency, the Bolivar.

So, is Venezuela a “safe place” to park money? Or the USA?’

Here is Venezuela’s El Presidente Maduro indicating what he and his followers have done to the Venezuelan economy. “Bang.”


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