Clinton Country Credit Scores: California and New York Lead US In Credit Scores (Also Have The Worst Income Inequality)

Remember the furor over the 2016 Presidential Election where Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote, but not the Popular Vote? A substantial number of Hillary Clinton’s electoral votes (and popular votes) came from California (55 electoral votes) and New York (29 electoral votes). 

The 2016 electoral map is correlated with CoreLogic HCI Credit Score averages by state. The highest two average credit score states are California and New York. Actually, the District of Columbia has the highest average credit score in the country. The top five states (and DC) are all in Clinton Electoral Country (that is, they all voted for Hillary).

The bottom five states? All these states were in Trump Electoral Country.

Washington DC, New York and Connecticut lead the US in income inequality.  With California and Massachusetts in 5th and 6th place. 5 of the top 6 states for income inequality voted for Clinton. One 1 state (Louisiana) for Trump.

The correlation is not perfect, of course. Arizona has a higher than average credit score, yet voted for Trump. The same goes for Montana (all three electoral votes), Tennessee and North Carolina.

Wealthier, coast states have higher than average credit scores and votes for Clinton. Flyover country have lower than average credit scores and for the most part voted for Trump.

Of course, the wealthiest counties in the nation surround Washington DC, New York City and West Coast cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Just like those who believed that all you needed was a credit score to be underwritten for a mortgage loan, one could conceivably predict Presidential voting using credit scores (at the state level).  But I do NOT recommend it!!! Just like with mortgages, we need more information than just credit scores (for both borrowers and voters).

An ALT-A mortgage borrower during 2006.




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